Take a look at the services I offer

Private Readings

Joanne loves doing Private Sittings as they are the time when both the Spirit World and their loved ones can be reunited for private moments. These are mainly memories and love but can also be reconciliation and forgiveness. Often there can be fun and laughter but also emotion and tears.

“It is a privilege to be the link between the two worlds I feel honoured that I am allowed to glimpse into people’s lives and share their memories.”

All Joanne’s sittings are conducted in person or via Zoom.

Demonstration of Medimship

A public demonstration of mediumship is an opportunity for a medium to link people from the spirit world with their loved ones on earth. The difference between this form of linkage and a private sitting is that the information provided can be heard by other members of the congregation or audience depending upon the venue (Church or Theatre).

Joanne loves this opportunity to be the link between the two worlds and to bring joy for both.

In large demonstrations, not everyone will receive a message or contact but the majority still go home inspired because they have seen how the people who received the contacts were touched by the re-union.

Sensitive personal information will never be revealed.

Church Services

Joanne is available for church services, although based in the NorthWest of England, she often travels around the country and overseas to many churches and centres.

Please contact her to discuss availability and requirements.

Workshops and Teaching

Having been taught by the late great Mavis Pittilla, Joanne has a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw upon.  She loves nothing more than sharing her experience and philosophy with all who are interesting in developing mediumship.  Check out her events page if you wish to attend an in person or online workshop.  If you would like to host your own workshop with Joanne then please contact her to discuss availability.