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Stephanie Herrity

I know Joanne personally and as a teacher and I can say she does both jobs as mentor and a friend brilliantly.

Learning about any new subject can be difficult, but to be able to teach about something we cannot see, hear or touch, can be an almost impossible subject to learn, yet Joanne does this with ease and confidence. Her patience and simplicity on certain subjects helps myself and the others to break down the vast wonders of the Spirit world and our Souls journey.

Joanne is always there to offer her expertise on the subject but to also lend a listening ear as to how this particular subject provokes changes and growth within ourselves, ensuring we are not hard on ourselves and allowing us time, love and knowledge in order to allow Mediumship to become a part of who we are, not just a certificate to add to the wall.

After being with Joanne quite a while now, I look forward to the sessions, regardless of the outcome, as she has taught me that getting it wrong it also getting it right!

I look forward to learning and progressing with Joanne and maybe one day be able to do even half the demonstrations that she offers now.

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