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Peggy Bochun

Joanne is a fantastic teacher of mediumship!  She is patient, kind and encouraging yet knows exactly when and where to push her students to achieve better results.  I have been studying with Joanne for 3 years and have grown and learned tremendously through her mentorship!  She herself is a very skilled medium who is knowledgeable about and has been trained in the Mavis Pittilla way that focuses on the “whole medium”.  Joanne often shares important aspects about the spirit world or practice of mediumship during her classes that add breadth and depth in a way that other classes or programs don’t.  In addition, Joanne is not only able to see alongside her students but she can distinguish how her students are working, what techniques they are using, and where they are experiencing challenges.  Honestly, working with Joanne has been the best training I have ever had to study the craft of mediumship.  I am so grateful for her mentorship!

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