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Mia Shapiro

I have only worked in Joanne’s mentorship class for a few months. However, upon immediately meeting her, one is aware that she emanates a gentle, caring, sincere essence. As a mentor and coach, she puts her students at ease. She clearly indicates that comparing to each other does not help one’s growth as everyone works differently and at their own level. She offers a stress-free environment. When class starts, all students are on an equal playing field and she shows no favouritism. Joanne addresses all questions thoroughly. She encourages her students to voice their questions, opinions, etc. and allows enough time for them to comprehend the explanations.

Joanne is a very good listener. She evaluates a practice reading in detail in order to help the students understand what they are doing well and also what they need to understand better to be more effective. Any criticism she provides is constructive and she offers suggestions of what needs to be addressed when someone is struggling. One feels Joanne’s undivided attention when guided by her…and never feels rushed. While one may think she is going to be a push over because she is so kind and low key, think again… She addresses things that need to be learned and remembers your issues when you practice again. She is always encouraging and respectful. She is highly responsive which also contributes to the feeling of respect from her.

I have benefitted from these classes through listening to her individualized instruction for me and for others, feeling at ease, and practicing more to build confidence and put less pressure on myself

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