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Louise Taylor

Joanne Holden has been a teacher within the Mavis Pittilla style of Mediumship for years.  She teaches Mediumship as a sacred gift that we feel a pleasure to be a part of.  Each one of her students moves along at their own pace, but with the benefit of having fellow students to practice their skills with as they develop.

She is very supportive and loving as she moves her students to a greater understanding of the world of spirit. He students all love her and her easy-going nature.

This field of study requires an unfolding much like an onion, little by little, as the necessary skills become more refined, and the messages the student gets are more and more in depth and meaningful.

Joanne has a great sense of humour and at the same time a sense discipline which allows her students to become beautiful, spiritual mediums.  It is an honour to have studied with her.

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