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Amanda Scott

I began my mediumship journey in the Essential pathways program with Joanne Holden. This was my first Mediumship course. While I do have a personal relationship with Spirit, I wondered if stretching and growing far beyond my comfort zone was the correct choice. I’m so appreciative to find a mentor in Joanne, who offers an inclusive, nurturing environment for the growth of self as well as growth in one’s mediumship abilities. Not only is Joanne a gifted psychic medium, she is caring and warm to the core of her being. She truly SEES every individual in her class. She will work with your strengths, and gently address your weaknesses with individualized and personalized attention. She will offer support for personal hardships and make herself available outside of the classroom when advice or encouragement is needed. Joanne has weathered the long path to become an exceptional medium, and is willing to share her vast knowledge, skillset, and expertise, bringing out the best from every student. I’m beyond grateful to have gained a lifelong mentor and friend in Joanne Holden.

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